Our Programs

Charitable taxActRight Legal Foundation works to protect the fundamental rights of individuals and charities to pursue their callings.

We help clients protect against and fight legal threats, stay in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, operate more efficiently, streamline budgets, and adopt industry-standard best practices while also protecting their rights.

The Foundation’s focus on providing general legal services to nonprofits organizations allows us to help in the areas of civil litigation, structuring, corporate governance and management, and employment and regulatory matters.

Our core programs consist of providing:

  1. litigation services for nonprofit organizations and individuals, especially those whose fundamental rights have been, or are under threat of being, nullified.
  2. legal and compliance consulting and services for nonprofit organizations, such that they become more efficient and better prepared to withstand legal and regulatory challenges.

We serve a wide array of publically supported organizations throughout the United States with their general legal needs, including:

  • homeless shelters.
  • churches.
  • schools.
  • health clinics.
  • and many others.