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Recent years have seen a rise in both private and official hostility toward fundamental rights, especially when faith-based organizations and religiously motivated men and women exercise these rights.

When you invest in the work of ActRight Legal Foundation, your dollars are leveraged to protect freedoms and improve the service capacity of charities throughout the country.

Together, we can defend the legal and constitutional rights of Foundation clients and all faith-based nonprofit organizations. We can set key precedents for the protection and preservation of Americans’ freedoms and help organizations successfully withstand legal and regulatory challenges.

We evaluate our impact by tracking metrics about the number of cases won, the number of nonprofit organizations served, amount of money saved for clients, number of pro bono hours contributed to the community and by tracking the precedents set by and/or the consequences of our legal work.

Your tax-deductible contribution to us extends highly skilled legal assistance to individuals and groups in need and allows our clients to direct a higher proportion of their limited resources toward programs rather than overhead by avoiding the fees by large, for-profit firms.

The kind of effective, highly skilled assistance provided by ActRight Legal Foundation is no longer a luxury for today’s nonprofits; it is a vital necessity.

Join us in working for a better, freer America.